Skybox cubemap leak in Unity 2019.3.0f6, HDRP 7.1.8

Hello there,

We observed what seems to be a leak since the version 2019.3.0f5
I reproduced it in a minimal scenario in Unity 2019.3.0f6, with HDRP 7.1.8

TL;DR; Moving a light with an HDRI sky activated leaks skybox cubemaps.


New scene (one camera, one directional light)
Add an empty object with a Volume component.
Create a volume profile
Override Visual Environment
Select sky type HDRI Sky

Translate the light
Texture memory is skyrocketting (I stopped at 192GB)
In the profiler I see a huge leak of SkyboxCubemapConvolution and SkyboxCubemap_256x256_Mips_ARGBHalf
Each 4.0 MB, seemingly created each frame, and not deleted.

Hope that helps.


I can confirm this.

I also observed, the memory leaks does not happen in a standalone build.

Thanks for that detail, at least we can build a product useful for more than 20 seconds :slight_smile:
I have no doubt that it will be fixed, it is just annoying for the development phase.