Skybox is black on Surface 2 Pro.

Hi. I just made a 3D game with Unity and test it on my PCs, but I noticed the Skybox is not work properly only on Surface 2 Pro. (It works on Editor / Other PCs)
And also Shuriken particle system doesn’t work, and NGUI Sprite in title-menu appears as black texture like no lights on it.

I checked my project with SM2.0 Emulation and Change Skybox into mobile one, but it doesn’t solve a problem.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

Additional Info: This problem is also occurred on other Windows 8 environment; some of them has Skybox but No NGUI load, and some Windows 8 with pentium CPU properly work. I want to know what causes this black skybox problem.

I have a Surface 2 Pro as well. The surface in general I think due to it’s chip has issues in general with certain aspects of rendering. I know it also has / had some issues with realtime shadows.

Try to set the “Clear flags” to Skybox, if it isn’t already.