Skybox is fine in editor, black on build

So I’ve worked for awhile on my scene and I’m pretty happy with it. I went to export it and was surprised to see my skybox is black/missing from the compiled Windows exe build.

The sun is there, the various clouds I setup are there. But the sky itself is black.

I have tried many different things, but everytime the issue remains. Originally I had a sphere with a 6-sided texture on it. I tried making a simple plane with a regular texture on it. I tried changing the shader of the texture’s material dozens of times - Unlit, Unlit Trans, Unlit Trans Cutout, Legacy Diffuse, Standard, Skyboxes etc. Nothing seems to work.

I even tried just using the default procedural skybox that comes with Unity 5 and nothing else, but its still just a solid black sky.

I get the feeling that I’m missing something really simple here, but I see nothing about Skyboxes in the build settings and I cannot figure out why every skybox I try works great in the editor but it solid black / missing when I build an exe… I was so close to being finished with this project and ready for a break and now I’m stopped dead cold at the finish line.


Same problem but only with Firefox

Try switching the shader Cull mode to Off, not Front or Back. This just worked for me.

I encountered the same problem today when I was making a procedural skybox with ASE. The shader fully worked in Editor, but in actual Camera rendering(Game window, play mode and Build) it remained black if camera are still, also it behaved glitching, such as if you constantly move camera, it will works shortly but make camera Don’t Clear at random period.
I have tried shifting the Queue and the RenderType, changing the Fallback shader , even changing the whole shader type template, none of them are working.

Anyway the whole thing is just weird because this procedural skybox shader was just working fine in my other project (with same unity version 2017.2f3), if i grab another similar skybox shader from the previous project to my current one, it failed again. I would rather consider this is a bug of unity.