Skybox is not visible

I cannot see my skybox. I have tried adding the default skybox to Edit->RenderSettings->Skybox Material and/or to MainCamera->Component->Rendering->Skybox.

Everything this is not terrain or on the terrain is still a big dark grey area.

For a while the skybox was visible off in the distance in one side, but it was two-dimensional, like the cube for the box was just flattened against some invisible wall off in the distance. I would provide a screenshot of how that looked, but even that is gone now.

This is my first project, so it’s possible I broke something that lit up the skybox, or put something else out there that blocks it, or didn’t pay my dues to the skybox guild or something, but I can’t figure out what that would be.

I tried clicking off in the horizon to see if something selects, but nothing appears to.

Have you tried to click onto the background button. I’ve had the same problem once before. Just click onto the button circled and see if that helps.


I guess you don’t use a Skybox material. But instead you try to use a single texture which contains something like a cube map as skybox. Take a look at how to use the Skybox. You need 6 textures for your skybox, since the skybox is, well, a box in the sky (at infinity)

Okay, I found the answer, the Skybox file that I have (no idea if it came with Unity or not) is apparently not a valid skybox. If I go into Standard Assets->Skyboxes, the boxes there work properly.

To see the skybox in the scene mode you have to add your skybox in the light settings. Just go in the menu: Window >> Lighting >> Settings and add your skybox material. This works int Unity 5.6.1f1.
Have a great day everyone.