Skybox - Left and Right is swapped, needs fixing.

How would you report this little mix up error? It’s 100% reproducible. I have 4 Pictures to show what I mean.

The Left and Right on the shader are mislabeled, Left is Right and Right is Left, otherwise the Skybox shader are messed up.

This is my Skybox Template along the placement of the 6 Segments in Inspector for it to be correct.

Here are my 2 previews to show switching Left for Right match 100%, each corner I added letters to show they match.

1st picture is me looking left after I swapped left and right as shown in the inspector, 2nd pict is looking right. All 3 letters match on each pict.

Can someone show this to the Developers to show the left needs to move down one notch and renamed right, and right needs to move up one notch and renamed left. You can test this yourself, just cut up the cross into 6 segments and paste into the corresponding area, and you will notice that on the left side of the front box is labeled right and right is label left and when you switch it, it is labeled correctly.


I got a reply today from Unity, this bug will be fixed Sometime in the near future. I was glad to help :slight_smile: Not sure why no-one reported it yet.

Here’s the reply from Unity.


We have been able to reproduce this bug and have sent it for resolution with our developers. We cannot say when the resolution will be publicly available.

We highly appreciate your contribution. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.

Elvis Alistar
QA Lead