Skybox Movie Texture

In Unity 3.5, When i apply a movie texture to any object, i usually add a script with it to play the movie when the game is running. But now i added 6 movie textures to a skybox and I dont know how to access this texture from the script…
How do i access skybox from the script and play the movie?

The MovieTexture.Play() function will tell the actual video itself to play, not just the MovieTexture you declared, so it doesn’t matter where you tell it to play.

// Add this script to any game object in your scene (preferably your Main Camera)

// Attach the same 6 videos you used in your skybox to the 6 slots of this array
var movies : MovieTexture[] = new MovieTexture[6];

// As your scene starts, this script will then iterate through those videos
// and set them to loop and make them start playing
function Start(){
    for (var movie in movies) {
        movie.loop = true;