Skybox renders above particle system


I know this question has been asked before, but none of them worked for me.

My problem is, the skybox renders above my particle system. I’ve already tried increasing order of layer. And using multiple cameras won’t work for me as I work on mobile.

How do I solve this?

The most likely reason is rendering priorities.

It's fairly common for particles to support transparency (otherwise, they'd typically just be a bunch of squares).

Transparency-capable Shaders typically don’t render to the depth buffer, so that opaque objects can still render behind them (and be given proper treatment when they’re rendered).

By not rendering to the depth buffer, this means that when they’re in front of nothing, there’s no depth buffer to tell the skybox NOT to render.

Finally, the skybox has high priority as a last resort, when nothing else is assumed to be rendering to a given pixel. It’s done simply (Depth buffer drawn to? No? Draw skybox.) to keep things as efficient as possible.