Skybox "Sunset" Missing (Standart assets)


I bought the book “Unity Game Development Essentials” and came to the part were I must add a the Unity skybox “Sunset” I can’t seem to find that in the Unity standart Assets, Did thet take it out of the assets? And how can I get this as well? I really need it because no of the others can serve for this book.

Thanks In Advance,

I double checked all the files in the standart assets.

Have you tried re-importing the standard assets? That’s what I do.

Its in a separate skyboxes package now. Just go to Assets > Import Package > Skyboxes. Then choose one you like the look of from those provided - unsure if they’re named the same as the one suggested in the book, but the newer skyboxes look better than the old standard assets ones did, so its good news ! :slight_smile: