Skybox transition/blending

Hi there,

I’m just looking for a sample that shows me how to make a transition of skybox made with a shader that has a texture. I have searched a lot I haven’t found anything…

It’s I have two materials of skybox and I want to make a transition between them with a time parameter.

I tried to change the opacity or whatever that can serve I’m still with no results…


ok, finally I resolved it.

I created a shader with two cubemaps which are the skyboxes and with this step up you can modify the blending with:
SetFloat(“_Blend”, x);

this is the code of the shader:

Shader "RenderFX/Skybox Blended" {
Properties {
    _Tint ("Tint Color", Color) = (.5, .5, .5, .5)
    _Tint1 ("Tint Color one", Color) = (.5, .5, .5, .5)
    _Tint2 ("Tint Color two", Color) = (.5, .5, .5, .5)
    _Blend ("Blend", Range(0.0,1.0)) = 0.5
    _Skybox1 ("Skybox one", Cube) = ""
    _Skybox2 ("Skybox two", Cube) = ""
SubShader {
    Tags { "Queue" = "Background" }
    Cull Off
    Fog { Mode Off }
    Lighting Off        
    Color [_Tint]
    Pass {
        SetTexture [_Skybox1] { combine texture }
        SetTexture [_Skybox2] { constantColor (0,0,0,[_Blend]) combine texture lerp(constant) previous }
        SetTexture [_Skybox2] { combine previous +- primary, previous * primary }
Fallback "RenderFX/Skybox", 1

It seems that this doesn’t work anymore in Unity 2018.x.
I am getting an error on compile in 2018.2.15f1: “Support for SetTexture combiner ± has been removed”.
[EDIT]: Ok, apart from the error above, it DOES seem to work, though. Still trying to figure out why Unity gives me that error … :wink: