Skybox Transition

Hi there,

I am trying to make a transition between two sky’s and no tutorial or script I can find seems to work. Could someone spell out for me how to achieve this? I am quite new sorry. Also say if the script is in C# or JS and where you placed it. I will be looking to make the sky transition start once the player collides with an object.

Many thanks


The idea of Unity Answers is not to ask for scripts and get them delivered. Generally, people will simply give you pointers and encourage you to find or create your own solution.

However, the script to blend between two skyboxes already exists, and it took me approximately 17 seconds to google it up. Apparently it had some problems with Unity 3.x, but there is already a fix for that:

If that still doesn’t work, I’ll have to check the version of it which we are using, but I can only do that tomorrow. It definitely works with 3.5.