Skybox, which one is left, right, up, down, back, front?

I have a problem with skybox and followed the direction on the wiki here.
Skybox Setup

I made all 6 segments with the name on it like left right etc for a test, when I start the game I see front, so far so good, when I turn left I see the right box and when I turn right I see the left box, could it be that the left and right in unity is switched? or is the unity wiki not correct? How is the skybox formatted, cause I already tried 4 skyboxes and all are messed up, I had to find out why and thats why I made a test skybox with names in it, it never worked cause left and right are reversed. Up and Down are ok, not sure where it belongs above the left, right, back or front box. The test pict is created in Photoshop, then transformed into 6 segments.

Can someone show me the correct skybox order? I found 2 version the cross version (Left, Front, Right, Back) & the T version (Front Left Back Right) and which the up and down boxes are attached to.

If you create skybox Material-> RenderFX → Skybox, it’s