Skyboxes cause build crash if the scene is addressable

When I’m building my scene natively (no addressable)
*** Skybox/Panoramic**
*** Skybox/6Sided**
works but,
causes build crash.

When I’m building my scene as remote addressable all of the Skyboxes other than Default Skybox causes build crash. I wonder what causes this issue.

(I’m currently using 2022.3.18 version and cube maps does not work specifically with with this version, I tried to downgrade my unity version to 2022.3.17 and there were no problem with cubemaps. )

This is the crashing message.

This is the cube map texture and settings.

It sounds (and from your Xcode screenshot also looks) like you’re running into this: Simulator crash with 2022.3.18f1 - #16 by v_vuk, which is fixed in the .19 update which is coming within a couple of days (or available for immediate download now if you want to go get it directly from that thread).

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