Skyboxes not perfect quality. (Unity 5)

Hi there,

I’m proud to say that I bought the 10 dollar All Sky 2 package today, which includes a vast amount of custom skyboxes.

These skyboxes are 2048x2048, 6 images, 1 for each side as expected and are imported limited to 32x32 for import speed and project size reduction.

So, here’s a skybox at the fully maxed out settings I could think of, 16 by 9 resolution.
(The file size was too large, so deviant link instead ;))

Skybox Game view Printscreen

Import Settings

Basically I want my skyboxes to be really crisp, note that Filter mode Point / Trilinear don’t seem to make a difference, neither does Aniso level.

I hope someone can help out. Thx in advance!!!


If you want it sharper, modify the image or do it with post effects.