Sliced Spritesheet appears correctly in Editor, overlapping everywhere else

There’s this spritesheet, see? 31 images per column, 2 rows. It’s total size is of 6603 x 546.

No matter how i change the sprite in Spriter Pro, or what settings I apply to it in Unity’s Sprite Editor, the images will appear as if moving to the right, with some extremities overlapping at times (ie: right end of image 28 appears in left end of image 29).

Sprite Editor shows their rectangles all nice and tidy, no overclipping.

I’ve tried clipping them automatically, by cell count (31 C, 2 R) and size (213/273), but the same issue occurs. I also tried moving the pivot point; no result.

I exported the spritesheet as individual PNG files from Spriter Pro, so I know for a fact that the correct size is 213/273. I also used custom export box size to make sure each sprite has slightly more empty space around it, increasing the edges by roughly 10 pixels in width/height.

Write it to yourself and the answer will come to you…

After changing the max size to 4096 for the Spritesheet and unchecking Generate Mip Maps, the sheets seem to show correctly.

Of course, this also means that my spritesheet is 5.3 MB in size, but we’ll pass that bridge when we get to it.

Thank you all for the inspiration!

Are you going to use the sprite sheets on a mobile device?
You should stay below 2048. 4096 can not be handled by all devices.

How much transparency does your sprite sheet contain? I mean around the sprites? Chances are good that you can compress your sprite sheet by getting rid of that transpareny.