Slicing error on "builtin" arrays?

here's my code:

var serial = int[800];

later in the code, I have one reference to this arrray:

serial[counter] = int.Parse(line.Substring(7,5));

here's the error I get:

Assets/MasterGO.js(21,9):BCE0048:Type 'System.Type' does not support slicing.

It looks like I'm doing things according to what I read in the unity wiki.

the problem you have is that you've declared your array line wrong (And I'm going to fix the wiki, it's wrong there too)

var serial int[800];

should be

var serial = new int[800];

i have another problem i do something like this:

var enemies = new myClassName[0];

in the inspector works great but i want to add a new object to the builtin array directly from my .js code how i can do that? i tried this:

enemies.Push(new myClassName()); -> error enemies.Add(new myClassName()); -> error enemies= new myClassName(); -> error enemies *= new myClassName() -> i is the last index + 1 (error)

* *

(and sorry for my english i speak spanish)