Slicing Objects

Hey I have tried researching the code for this and have found very little information, basically what I am wanting to do is to slice an object with the mouse in game. Like cut a piece off the object. Similiar to the game 3 slice which can be found here Physics Games - 3 Slices , if anyone can help me with the code for this it would be greatly appreciated, feel free to email me at


You’d probably have better luck with this on the forums - it’s not really a technical question per se. Certainly take a look at the procedural mesh code (

What you’re going to want to do is figure out the plane of your slice. Then, look at a mesh as a series of triangles, which are made up of line segments. Find every segment that passes through the plane, then cut off the part of the triangle that passes through the plance. Finally, patch up any holes that are created.

Good luck.