Slider handle disappears when enlarged up (4.6ui)

I am noticing that when I have stretched out one of the new 4.6ui sliders to be a little bigger, the slider handle disappears when the slider is at it’s maximum, but only when the slider is set to whole numbers.

Here is an example of the slider when the handle is visible, and then again when the slider is set to the full positions, you can see the handle is gone.

I can make it reappear by scaling the screen size, so I imagine it’s just missed a draw call somewhere.

Anyone else seen this behaviour? I have not tested on device yet, but this is occurring in the editor.





Had the same problem when tried to change the handle image.

What i did it was to change the slider max Value from 1 to 10 (without whole numbers selected) and the handle didn’t scale down to become invisible anymore.

Hope it solves your problem too.