Slider moves with the player control keys

Hi I’m new to Unity and have been playing with the new UI. I have a simple player moving around with the standard WASD keys. I setup a test UI with two sliders to change the speed of the character and how quickly it can turn. The slider doesn’t move by default but if I change a slider (say increase the speed) when I go back to moving my player the slider is changing when I press my A and D keys. Have I missed an important step? Am I supposed to disable interaction and then enable it somehow? Help would be much appreciated.

I had the same problem. In inspector I set Navigation - None. It helped

OK I worked out a solution but I would appreciate anyone’s comments on how effective it is to do the way I have. I opened the input manager for the project and created a new input called “None”. In this input I set the Type to “Mouse Movement” so that i could still drag the sliders. In the Event System for the UI in the standalone input module script I set the horizontal and vertical axis to my new input called “None”.
I’m new to Unity so I am still trying to work out best practice and have no idea if this is something that should be done or if it has side effects.
Screen shots below:

None Input

Event System

I had the same problem too.
In Event System (Script), I set the First Selected to the Slider Object.
It works fine in my situation.