Sliding between camera change

Hey guys,

I am making a first person shooter, and I have it so that by default, the player is in the normal First Person view where they can see their gun to the side etc…
I now am getting into making the aiming part where when they press the right mouse button, it goes from the normal view to an aiming view…

What I have done is set up the main camera, and then another camera behind the gun for the aiming.

What I want to know is how to slide from one camera to the other, like in the bootcamp demo…

I hope everyone gets what I mean!!!

If there is an easier way to do this, then please let me know!

Thanks alot!


Have you thought of using the SLERP or LERP function to tween between the position and rotation of your two cam views?

You could tween most of the way and then switch hard to the 2nd cam if needed at all after tweening is done.

There are also some packages/libs for easy tweening such as iTween. But I think LERP function could be a first try?