Slight and Slow Shaking Camera follow Character ?

Hi guys,
So I have do some research about shaking camera and currently I almost get the job done,
but I can not take good control of the shaking speed of the camera, it is shaking to fast and looks fake.

Here are the core codes I am using:

void Update ()
	if ( shake_intensity > 0.0f )
	originPosition = gameObject.transform.position;
	shakeVector = Random.insideUnitSphere * shake_intensity;
	transform.position = Vector3.Lerp( originPosition, originPosition + shakeVector, Time.deltaTime );

So I am hoping that anyone could show some tips about how I can slow down the shaking and control it over time, say 1 sec per round ?

Thanks !

you’re not using Lerp correctly, its shaking 60 times a second!

the reason its so quick because it will shake every time Time.Deltatime variates… which it does 99% of the time!
why don’t you use an increasing sine way instead of lerp? its much smother and easier to control.

transform.position = new Vector3 (tranform.position.x + shake_intensity * Mathf.Sine(Time.time), tranform.position.y + shake_intensity * Mathf.Sine(Time.time), tranform.position.z);

to speed it up multiply Time.time by 1.1 or greater to slow it divide by 1.1 or greater

for each second multiply by Delta time from memory
Time.time* Time.deltaTime