slot game.

Once i hit the spin button the no.s are on a roll. But before coming to rest i want my column to move downwards a bit and then come to rest. So how to do that?

I have total of 5 columns and 3 rows. So 15 box collider i am using.

I have done the coding when it suddenly stops but i want that down effect.

Please help me

Well there is one way I can quickly think about doing this. Place the texture onto a capsule. Have it rotate and swap out the material to your liking. So this object will need a script which stores the textures and you just need to do something like object.texture = newTexture. The only problem I see with this is that the new texture might not align as how a normal slot machine picture would. My solution to that would be to observe the behavior and you may need to adjust or reset the object rotation to which it normally started so when the new textures appears it gives the illusion of a normal rotating downward effect of the pretty pictures.