[slove]how to edit the script on unity c sharp and not notepad please help

hi iam new to unity
i import the scirpts from watching roll a ball course,i tried
to edit the script but it won’t open with unity so i open it in notepad but it won’t show th scirpt(ps every time i
open the scirpt it edit on notepad and not c sharp on unity how change it so it opens on unity c sharp
need help please

You should install a VS. Then open the Unity, find this: Edit->Preferenc->External Tools.
You can choose the VS to work for your unity at first item.

Try simply creating an empty script in Unity then copy and paste? I don’t import scripts, but that’s what I would do.

I would also advise against copying a script unless you understand it fully.

Which drop-down should I go to within Unity2019 1.7f’s External Tools, to select VS?

Download “Visual Studio”. it is free. Then, go to “Edit > Preferences > External Tools” and change the external script editor to the shortcut of Visual Studio.