Slow performance with particles and Canvas

I have an app with avg 40 particles game objects on the screen- they appear when I explode items (something like Candy Crush), it usually runs smooth but when I use them all together with Text-UI at the same time (especially Unity’s- TextMesh) the particles slow down-on a mobile phone. I don’t know what to do, I obviously need to have all these particles. Settings (nothing special): Standard Billboard particles, Max particles:10 Duration:0.50 No shaders. I don’t understand why it is so complicated to have a few particles together with text, it’s like the basic thing to have. It’s a very simple app, how do more advance games operate so well I don’t understand it…

Particle effects on mobile can be very bad, one downside of mobile. Have you ever used the Unity Profiler? In build, settings make sure you have development build checked when you build to Android and leave it connected through USB. when the app runs on the phone you can pull open the profiler, and this will tell you what is slowing things down.

I hope this at least helps.