Slow scene loading on Android

I am developing an game app(Unity 5.1.2) which uses a lot of resources. This app works fine on Unity simulator and iPhone device. But on Android device, a specific scene loading is very slow (takes 10 sec). I ran the same project on iPhone6+ and the Unity simulator. It took a sec to load that scene.
This scene play a background music first and then loads a lot of resources in Awake(). Strange thing is, when I try to load this scene from another scene (using Application.Loadlevel), the background music plays but the scene does not appear. Like I said, after around 10 seconds, that scene appear and starts. It’s normal after that.
I started this project with Unity 4.6.6. It worked fine on Android device. Now I moved the project into Unity 5.1.2 and it happened.
What should I do to fix this? Any advice will be so appreciated. Please help~~

If you are still facing this issue.
I would suggest you to remove Resources.Load() and instead use prefabs for your scene.
Resources.Load() notoriously causes slow load times or sometimes a bit of lag or jitter if used extensively in code.