Slowness when viewing models in scene view

Hello community,

I’m building a game (exploring part of a city). I’ve an expert engineer with 3D Max, we have the part of the city model built in 3D Max.

First of all, the model contain around 22 Building, our first try was splitting the building and exporting each one in FPX extension, some of them wasn’t even imported to unity since the files was very big (around 2,000,000 polygon and more that 500,000 vertex), we split it more until the unity imported them successfully. But when I have the first 4 building, the scene view become very slow when exploring the objects and when building it, the first person controller barely move. I’ve investigate the problem and got a conclusion that we have to split the models to so many files (each file does not exceed 64,000 vertex). I’ve got a better result when importing the first 4 building, but when adding the other building the problem appears again.

So, My question is, what is the best way to have a complex, very detailed model in unity? do I have to split the files more? I’m facing this problem a month ago and I’ve couldn’t solve it.

You do have to be very careful when making extremely detailed models. Using bump maps instead of actually subdividing game objects will save a lot of resources on your computer. The only other way to be really able to handle that besides the bump maps is by getting a REALLY fast computer. If you are making a game that lags like that, you need to consider how many people would actually be able to play the game. Not that many people have god level computers, so you need to think about that as well. Overall, I really do just suggest using bump maps. I really don’t think there is any other efficient solution. Hopefully that helps!