small example sendmessage from javascript to C# wrong???

I tried to search and read many ways to access variable from javascript to C#
I tried this compile

However I get no result. Here is my process:

First, I create new Project

Second, I create folder Plugins

Third, I create 1 C# script called “Cshape”

using UnityEngine; using System.Collections;

public class Cshape : MonoBehaviour {

  void ApplyDamage(float damage) 	{
  print ("a"); 	} }

and 1 Java script called “Java”

function Update(){
GameObject.SendMessage (“ApplyDamage”,
5.0); }

How can I call the function ApplyDamage from Cshape script?
Thanks for any help

OK I find the solution here, the JavaScript “Java” should be like this :

function Update() {
(“ApplyDamage”, 5.0);


yup, this should work, just create the object with name “NameOfObjectAttatchThisScript” :stuck_out_tongue: