Small math question - Attempting to have targeting reticle controlled by joystick return to an offset instead of center

In my top-down game, I have a target reticle on my screen similar to the one in this screenshot, to the right of the main character:

Here’s how it works: When I move the right analog stick, the target moves along with it. When the stick returns to center, so does the target. Here is my current code:

target.transform.position = new Vector2(mainCharacter.transform.position.x + Input.GetAxis("JoyHorizontal") * 3, mainCharacter.transform.position.x + Input.GetAxis("JoyVertical") * 3);

Instead of returning to center, I’d like the target to be slightly offset from my character. In other words, if I were to move the analog stick to the left and let go, it would return to a position slightly to the left of my character, instead of at my character’s 0,0 point.

As I am somewhat bad with math, I’d like to know if there is a simple way to accomplish this?

create a variable for your offset and simply add it to the position.

For example

float offset = 1f;

Then you can add this to your position

transform.position.x + offset