Small problem with a List.

I have a List declared at the beginning of this .js like this;

var partyMembers : List.<Character>;

Then later on I'm using it in a for loop;

for ( var member : int = 0; member < partyMembers.length; member++ ) {

but I'm getting a compiler error that says;

"BCE0019: 'length' is not a member of 'Boo.Lang.List[of Character]'."

does this mean you can't get the length of a List the same way you can for an array in unityscript?

shouldn't you use Count

`for ( var member : int = 0; member < partyMembers.count; member++ )`

Count being the total number of items in the Collection(List).

Thats because List uses `.Count` instead to get the number of elements in the list.