Small seams on png files

Hello everyone, I’m creating grass using the standard terrain and white pngs, but sometimes I am noticing these small seams at the top of the grass even though there should be nothing there.
Does anyone know what causes this?173773-seams.png

It looks like you’re seeing the bottom edge of pixels of the grass along the top edge of their plane. This occurs as a result of floating point rounding errors in shader pixel calculations.

In your texture’s import settings, ensure that the Wrap Mode is set to Clamp (or Per-axis, if/where applicable). This will prevent bottom-edge pixels from ever being allowed to render at the top of the texture, no matter what.

Edit: This is not specific to any image format type in particular. This would happen with any initial image format, since this occurs at the shader level.

@Hanesto It’s most likely a problem with the image so if you know how then bring it into some sort of photo editing software and erase the little pixels at the top

@Tomatotom1234 I have already checked that in phtoshop. Its not a problem with the image, it seems to be the way unity handles transparency.

Ok, seems like I did it. thank you @Eno-Khaon I think your idea worked, simply reloading the grass in the terrain editor did not work though, I needed to delete it and add it back in.