☑️ Smart Gallery - elegant, flexible and efficient solution for displaying galleries


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Smart Gallery is an elegant, flexible and efficient solution for displaying image, video and audio galleries for your project.

Key features:

  • Unique Modular Architecture: Each element of the gallery is a separate module, resulting in extraordinary flexibility of the asset. You can easily customise modules to achieve the design and functionality your project needs.
  • Diverse Content Types: Texture, Video, Audio, Remote Texture (from URL, Resources, Streaming Assets or Persistent Data Path), Remote Video, UI Prefab, YouTube Video.
  • Easy Extensibility: Modular architecture and a powerful API give you limitless extensibility. You can easily add your own module, transition, or content type to fulfil any needs of your project.
  • Very easy to use: Even if today is your first day in Unity, you'll be able to use this.
  • Package Contains: 7 viewer styles, 21 modules, 8 transitions.
  • Powerful API.
  • Built-in Update System.

Render Pipelines: Built-in RP, URP, HDRP, Custom RP.
Input Systems: Old, New, Both.
Platforms: PC, Mac, iOS, Android, UWP, WebGL.
Other platforms have not been tested, but most likely Smart Gallery will work well.

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