⭐ Smart GameObjects | Realtime Visual Scripting | Physics Toolkit | Procedural Animation [RELEASED]

Ever add a GameObject to a scene and realize it doesn't do anything? NavMeshAgents just stand there, Rigidbodies just fall, Animators don't transition, and there is no way for them to interact. Are you tired of complex & bloated solutions? Look no further!

Smart GameObjects will help solve those problems!

Visual Scripting:

  • Real-time scripting while in editor play mode.
  • Exportable, reusable behaviors.
  • Hundreds of reflection-free conditions & actions.
  • Built-in error prevention, documentation & debug tools.
  • Supports AudioSource, NavMeshAgent, & Animator components.
  • Supports UnityEvents for easy integration with other assets.
  • Custom boolean & float variables.

Physics Toolkit:

  • Custom ray cast shapes.
  • Memory, targets & filters.
  • Object detection algorithms.
  • Rigidbody actions.

Procedural Animation:

  • Translation, Rotation, Scaling.
  • Billboards & custom tween modes.
  • Spline paths with multiple spline types.
  • Local space & smooth paths.

Managed Entities:

  • Custom FPS throttling.
  • Built-in Object Pooling & spawning.
  • Managed update cycles.
  • Scale to thousands without DOTS using a component workflow*

Bonus Parametric Meshes:

  • Multiple shape generators.
  • Custom procedural mesh creation & debug tools.
  • Vertex deformation options.
  • Multiple UV unwrapping algorithms.

Smart GameObjects is out now! keep an eye out for sales!

Discord server: https://discord.gg/3vjtMneeFv

*Depends on the complexity of created logic & hardware of the user.

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Are there any plans for any YT video tutorials ? You demo scene is good but I find that I learn by video much better.
Can I use your AI and Game kit from your Github with the Smart GO asset ?

Hello Troynall, thanks for your interest in Smart GameObjects.

A) Possibly in the future, you can make just about any type of gameplay system with Smart GO so if you have a specific idea let me know. I've gone to great lengths to make sure there are tooltips on everything and have included built-in documentation accessed via the (?) button for each menu.
Some things in Smart GameObjects assume some knowledge of scripting & logic to use effectively.

You may find it helpful to go through the demo scene and save some behaviors as ScriptableObject templates (via the ScriptableObject button in the behavior controls). That way you can load those behaviors while you learn.

A) Smart GO pretty much includes everything in Modular AI, Game Kit & Tween Components and does it better. You can use just about any 3rd party tool with Smart GO by using Unity's event system.

Feel free to ask me any questions in Discord too, I may be able to provide better help there.

Today is the last day of the launch discount, get Smart GameObjects 30% while you can!

Smart GameObjects v.1.1.0 is out bringing vertex welding to smart meshes.

Can I use this asset in-game, not in the editor? A great application for this asset would be "build-your-own-game" games.

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Maybe a gameplay feature for designing the AI for a robot would be cool!

Yes it is possible as there are no editor dependencies for the scripting functionality. All error handling would carry over under the hood.

The simplest way would be to create ScriptableObject presets users can pick from then create a simple UI they can tweak settings for. i.e. AI preset, moving platform preset, etc.

Or you could recreate the editor inspector using Unity’s UI system (including animation curves if you want that functionality) keep in mind there are a lot of edge cases for error handling i.e. let the user know nothing will happen if they try to divide by zero.

To achieve this you would need to create SmartConditons and SmartActions and assign them to a SmartBehavior that you can simply add to the Smart GameObject’s behavior list. Physics & motion parameters are public.

All actions & conditions have an ID: https://kitbashery.com/docs/smart-gameobjects/parameter-reference.html
correlate these to a UI dropdown to support scripting options.

You could even use a SmartGameObject to create other SmartGameObjects via UnityEvents & actions to some extent.

The flexibility SmartGameObjects provide is great but competitive multiplayer can’t ever be secure given so many parameters need to be public for SmartGOs to communicate with each other. Coop & singleplayer should be fine.

I’ve considered creating separate components for logic, interaction and motion that aren’t interconnected. That would better support multiplayer. Unless this asset 100x its sales I’m not motivated to overhaul it in that way yet.

I acquired this asset less than a month ago.
Now have you removed all store page data instead of deprecating the page to leave info in place while blocking sales.

I'll be avoiding buying from anyone who does this. Deprecate does not mean to delete, it means to 'discourage use of'.

Please do not delete the asset store page as it contains information not available elsewhere.
(using waybackmachine is not an acceptable option)