smartfoxserver keeps me logged in after exiting game

I'm building a game using Unity3D and connecting that to a Smart Fox Server. When I'm testing the game, I click play as usual, login to the Smart Fox Server, test, and then click play again to go back and edit. Problem is, Smart Fox Server is keeping me logged in after I click the play button again to stop the test, so when I go to login again I can't.. I have to wait for it to timeout. Is there a way to have Unity send a call to the smartfox server to log me out when I exit the game?

I think you'll want something like:

void OnApplicationQuit() 
    UnsubscribeEvents();  // e.g. SFSEvent.onConnectionLost -= OnConnectionLost;

OnApplicationQuit is called when the game exits, and in the editor when you stop playing.