Smooth Input in New Input System

I got a 2D vector composite when I press a key it gives value 1 or -1 but I want it to give between 1 and -1 like in Input.GetAxis,I am using new input system I got a 2D Vector composite when I press a key it automatically be 1 or -1 but I want smooth Input like Input.GetAxis

Here’s hoping you solved this issue by the time I’m replying, but for anyone else caught in a tight spot with this, your bindings can either be Analog, Digital, or Digital Normalized. Digital means it’s either on or off, 1 or -1, Analog gets you the full range.

as far as I’m concerned you cannot do it directly within the input actions asset. I guess you have to implement this functionality in your code: try checking the Lerp and SmoothDamp functions in the documentetion

Try using Input.GetAxisRaw

void Update() { float speed = Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal") * Time.deltaTime; transform.Rotate(0, speed, 0); }