Smooth movement in a slow framerate

Posted: 09:31 AM 1 Hour Ago
Hey everyone. I didnt know whether or not to post this here or elsewhere, but seeing as Multiplayer is the cause of this problem, I thought I should post it here.

I am currently making an RTS, using the 1500 archers article as a guide for engine structure. However, the article says that it changes the framerate to match the slowest player. Now my issue is, if the slowest player is running at 20fps, how do I get the Unit movement to look ok. Given that

Unit.move(MovementVector * speed * Time.deltaTime)

would be variable dependent on the framerate. What else can I add to that equation to get it to move smoothly no matter what framerate im at, even if it moves slower at lower framerates? Im shooting for a target framerate of 50, and maxing it at that, so too fast isnt an issue, but too slow or jumpy is.

Thank you in advance.

Maybe try with Time.smoothDeltaTime or putting the whole thing in FixedUpdate with Time.fixedDeltaTime?

For those who end up here. My entire assessment was incorrect. I had to set up a LockStepUpdate, and regular Update to get the unit to move properly. The LockStepUpdate projected the position of the unit given the current LockStepTime, and the Update lerps between the projected space and the last lockstep space until the next lockstep turn.

Lockstep = gameplay
Update = “Render” (In this case just making it look good with lerp)