Smooth out a line renderer


I really love the arrow system in this game, Gettysburg Ultimate General

alt text

Particularly the way the blue arrow is curving, its really smooth and it adapts to the path you draw.

I am trying to create a similar system using A* and the Line Renderer. I create a path, and then put those points into the Line Renderer. As you can imagine, the turns come out jagged, and no where near smooth:

(My Attempt)

My question is: Can I make my line smooth with the line renderer or is there another technique should be using? I’d love to recreate the arrows as seen above.

Look into Bezier curves, It’s mostly (relatively) simple maths, I bet there are tons of examples for calculating coordinates for additional points on a line that should curve in a certain way. Then, it’s just a way of deciding how many segments you want to have. If you don’t want to go all-in with Bezier curves, you can always use simple terms like y = x² and derivatives to find out which y height a certain point should have along a line from source to target. Ther are online calculators for this, as well, with plooting features that show how your graph will look like with any given function.