Smooth text disappear after erased like in old monitors.

Hello, I wanted to create an effect like in this video.

I’m talking about text smooth disappearing after it was erased. So I want to create the same effect for TMPro or some other text that when I erase one letter it will remain on the background and smoothly disappear.

Is this possible?

Hey @AlexTuh,

Yes, this is possible. My idea is to have two text fields on top of each other – one is the one you are currently writing to, the other is the one that is fading/invisible, and you swap them out on each new line of dialogue. Below is a simple, but complete example demonstrating the concept – press spacebar a few times to test it. First a couple screenshots showing the setup:

And the settings for TMP Text 2 (TMP Text 1 is the same, but without any initial text):

Finally, the code:


using TMPro;
using UnityEngine;

public class DialogueManager : MonoBehaviour
    public TMP_Text txt;
    public TMP_Text txt2;

    TMP_Text activeTxt;
    TMP_Text fadingTxt;

    public float secondsPerChar = 0.03f;
    public float secondsToFade = 1.0f;

    int messageIdx; // Which message is displayed
    int charIdx; // Which character of the message is being typed
    float timeSinceLastChar;

    float fadingTxtAlpha; // 0 = invisible, 1 = visible

    bool waiting = true; // Are we waiting for the user to advance the dialogue?

    void Start()
        activeTxt = txt;
        fadingTxt = txt2;

    void Update()
        if (waiting) { WaitForUserInput(); }
        else { DisplayMessage(); }

    void WaitForUserInput()
        if (messageIdx == messages.Length - 1) { return; } // No more messages

        if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Space))
            waiting = false;

    void AdvanceDialogue()
        // Reset the message/char indices for the new message
        charIdx = 0;

        // Clear out the last faded text and reset its alpha
        fadingTxtAlpha = 1f;
        fadingTxt.text = string.Empty;
        fadingTxt.alpha = fadingTxtAlpha;

        // Swap out the active and fading text boxes
        var tmpTxt = activeTxt;
        activeTxt = fadingTxt;
        fadingTxt = tmpTxt;

    void DisplayMessage()
        var message = messages[messageIdx];

        // Allow user to skip typing animation
        if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Space))
            activeTxt.text = message;
            charIdx = message.Length;

        // Are we done typing this message?
        if (charIdx >= message.Length)
            waiting = true;
            timeSinceLastChar = 0f;

        // Type the next character if we've waited long enough
        while (timeSinceLastChar >= secondsPerChar)
            activeTxt.text = message.Substring(0, charIdx + 1);
            timeSinceLastChar -= secondsPerChar;
        timeSinceLastChar += Time.deltaTime;

    void FadeBackgroundMessage()
        if (fadingTxtAlpha > 0f)
            fadingTxtAlpha -= Mathf.Clamp01((1 / secondsToFade) * Time.deltaTime);
            fadingTxt.alpha = fadingTxtAlpha;

    string[] messages = new[] // Some test messages to display
        "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.",
        "Suspendisse venenatis quam id ante viverra, et suscipit purus posuere.",
        "Nam non iaculis purus, a varius arcu.",
        "Integer fermentum molestie turpis, sit amet pulvinar est viverra in.",
        "Morbi pretium enim eu pellentesque aliquet.",