Smooth transform sync for multiplayer

Hello everyone, I am working on a Unity game with a Node.js server, where the client and server will communicate via socket. Each client will update its velocity vector to the server every 5 frames. Then the server will send this update to all clients. Each clients will use it to update their positions and other client positions locally.

However, the issue is that the positions of the clients are not synchronized. So, I also make a client send its own position to the server every 20 frames to correct the position on other clients. But this leads to the player’s movement becoming jittery.

My question is, how can I sync the client’s position smoothly and accurately?
Thank you in advance.


It's not very clear what you are doing. Are you extrapolating remote (other) players positions in the client?

If not, with a bit of interpolation, there shouldn't be any jitter, excluding player-to-player interactions.

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Thanks for reply, i was extrapolating the position, i applied the interpolation and it work fine now