Smooth transition from Camera1 to Camera2?

I have this piece of code before Start()

//Sets the current camerastate to true (default is Third-Person)
private bool Camerastate = true;

And this piece of code in Update()

//Sets camerastate to the Third-Person when true, and First-Person when false
		if(Camerastate == true)
			ThirdPerson.enabled = true;
			FirstPerson.enabled = false;

			ThirdPerson.enabled = false;
			FirstPerson.enabled = true;

		//Sets the Camerastate to the opposite of the current Camerastate
			Camerastate = !Camerastate;


It works very well but I was wondering how I could make the transition more smooth. I don’t need any Crossfade effects or Checkerboards or something, but I just want the view to make a certain, smooth motion from the Third-Person view and the First-Person view.
I want it to do something like in this video, where the starting point is where Camera one is, and the end point where Camera is. → Time in video: See 5:56 to 6:01)
Thanks a lot guys!!!

You want to Slerp the position and rotation of the camera from one position to another, something like this:

float timer = 0f;
void Update()
    timer += Time.deltaTime
    if(timer <= 1f)
        camera.position = Vector3.Slerp(camera.position, targetPosition, timer);
        camera.rotation = Vector3.Slerp(camera.rotation, targetRotation, timer);

You’ll need to define what the target position is, and you might want the move to take longer than 1 second, but that’s the gist of what you want.