Smoothing Angle

Smoothing Angle "SA"

When I import a FBX model from modo at 180 SA it looks fine, but my feedback is; if I click [OPEN] in the Unity Inspector the SA is back to 40; Sad

Plus if there are many child to one parent model, you can't set the SA for each child only for the parent in Unity.

You can in modo for each child the SA can be different but when you import to Unity - its all the same (I think this is Unity error)!

What the best way to import from modo to Unity with different SA?

I just started working with Modo.

It would seem the cleanest pipeline from Modo is to import each object as an independent FBX file. Unfortunately Modo doesn't seem to have an 'Export Selection' function afaik.

Therefore it is best to delete everything in the scene except the object you'd like to export, save as fbx, and repeat that export process for each item independently in this manner.

This not only does what you want, but also gets rid of the superfluous transform nodes which are at best annoying, at worst, using up performance for nothing.