Smoothing edges of a mesh

I have imported a 3D model (.fbx) but its edges are sharp. I want to know what are the possibilities in Unity to smooth them

Should i use 3d modelling software for smooth edging and then import again in Unity ?
Or i apply anti-aliasing inside Unity ?

One more thing i want to ask that i have played many games in which even i turn off anti-Aliasing the edges are still very less sharp, does that has something to do with high quality 3d models ? because my model edges are very sharp

Also if i have to apply anti-aliasing how can i view anti-aliasing inside Editor ?

Please guide me

I believe that you’re just looking at a low-poly model.
Unless the original project is decently subdivided (1500+ triangles), you will easily notice its ‘sharpness’, and there’s no way to smooth it out, since it’s the very mesh information that makes the surfaces. Antialias is a technique to smooth out profile lines, and not faces, so it’s really little help.

So to ‘fix’, you need to get the original file in a 3d editor, and apply a subdivision of the surfaces. Follow the official guidelines in regards to quality of character creation.

@ammar26 Try using the legacy Unlit/Texture shader. It helps somewhat by eliminating some shadowing that would otherwise accentuate the edges.