Snap guides for laying out objects

Is there a way to quickly lay objects out with a smart snapping system that snaps to the edges or coordinates of other objects? Apps like photos hope have this so you can quickly layout objects out in a nicely aligned grid or irregular rectangular layout.

For example, if I wanted to lay out a bunch of cubes like the Windows 8 touch grid:

Then I could easily translate the objects left and right along the x axis to make a nice 2d-interface.


Well, when you press “V” before you click you can snap the moving handle to any vertex of the mesh. When holding “V” while dragging an object, it will snap to any nearby vertex of other objects. With this method you can’t have gaps in between unless you use a second temporary “gap-object”.

There’a also a usual grid snapping mode when holding shift (AFAIK)

If I understand correctly, Vertex snapping might help you. Select the gameObject that you want to snap and be sure the transition tool is active. Hold the “V” key down to activate the vertex snapping, for instance if its a cube go to the corners of the mesh. You can drag the game object while still holding down the “V” key and quickly snap the edges to another object. Here’s a 1:

If your asking how to do align all the objects at once, I’d like to know the answer to that as well.