Sniper Scope zooms in, but I don't know how to display the crosshair

Hello Community.

Recently I started working on a FPS assassination video game. I created a scope that works with a secondary camera at the front of my scope, which targets a plane and renders with a render texture.


Aim down sights

This issue I am facing, is I am having trouble overlaying a texture of the scope’s crosshair (the + in a sniper’s scope). I want it to display over the render texture, while still being as accurate as it can be. Please help, as I am stuck with this issue and can’t continue my project until the current issue is fixed.

The code I am using for my scope to go into the ADS mode , is as follows…

#pragma strict
var defaultFOV : int = 0;
var fovSpeed : int = 0;
var fovIn : int = 0;

var gunAim : boolean = false;
var playerCam : GameObject;

var gunModel : GameObject;
var scopeInAnim : String;
var scopeOutAnim : String;

function Start () {
	defaultFOV =;

function Update () {
		gunAim = true;
		gunAim = false;
	if(gunAim){ = Mathf.Lerp(, fovIn, fovSpeed * Time.deltaTime);
	if(!gunAim){ = Mathf.Lerp(, defaultFOV, fovSpeed * Time.deltaTime);

It’s a javascipt code, btw.

Please help, thanks in regards.

Why not use GUI.DrawTexture inside OnGUI() ?