Snow based questions


  1. I need a code that will make it snow. The catch is I don’t want snow to pile up I just want it to snow.(While your at it could you explain what I would have to do differently between snow and rain… or is it a completely different code.)


  1. I need to make a physics material that will act like snow… (I think I would do this through an editing program like Maya, am I correct?)

  2. I would like to make an evergreen tree that has some snow on it.

  3. How do I make a material that looks like ice… I know there is a material that works like ice, but I want one that looks like the ice.

  1. particle system.
  2. yes. no.
  3. texture map.
  4. texture map.

for #3 I would model&texture an evergreen with no snow and then modify a diffuse shader to apply a scattering of white/pale blue pixels to add a randomised snow effect.