Snow is not falling steadly

I have used the partial effect “light snow” and i have it on my half of my massive map (total of 6000 x 6000 so half is 3000 x 3000) and everything kind of works well except that the snow doesn’t fall steadily…This is a huge problems because then 3/4 of the time there is no snow and when it does come down it happens so fast because its not constant at all. When I hit play it emits one little round of snow then stops completely. I have checked my settings and i have no idea what on earth is making this happen although this is the first time i have used particles so im definitely not an expert. I have made sure that one shot is not checked but i have no idea what it is and both the Ellipsoid Particle Emitter and the Particle Renderer are activate. I also know that it is in the correct position because the snow falls for a brief second before stopping.

I have put a picture of my settings for the snow below for you to look at and if anyone knows what the problem is then Thank you in advance!

Min energy is lifetime of particle, so you’ll only get a batch very 60 seconds; tweak