So I recently installed the newest version of Unity Free

Now no matter what I do there are always errors and MonoDev. does nothing to solve the issues. I can’t even run Bootcamp or Angrybots because of compiler errors. Downloading and importing any assets from the store makes it 5 times worse. I’m just stuck and don’t know what to do. The last time installing Unity was my 4th try and I keep getting the same problems. Why is this.

That’s simply because the demo projects your using aren’t made for Unity4. There are several minor changes between different Unity versions. Most of them can easily fixed because you usually just have to use the new version of a function for example.

MonoDevelop isn’t ment to “fix problems”. It’s simply a tool which can be used to write scripts. It’s a tool like a hammer. You should learn how to use it properly or it isn’t helpful at all.

You should realise that making games is a profession like cook or doctor. If you want to become a cook you have to learn how to cook. If you don’t want to learn cooking then why you want to become a cook?

you can download an older 3.x version of unity to use with the demos :slight_smile: