So, I've Finished My Game ... Now What?


I have finished one of my PC/Mac games, fully tested and working fine. What do I do now? Bearing in mind that I would like to sell my game to a targeted audience.

Where do I publish (recommendations) ...

How do I publish

How does the money situation work? (as in transfer/payment)

And so on ...

Should I make a demo version, or what? I would like to hear what you guys do, really, and the best way of doing it.

Thanks All!

Make a website

Make a PayPal account

Buy some advertising space on game-like websites

Check out some Indie-Game forums, Blogs, and websites in general

-Ask them to review your game if you give to them for free.

Make a trailer for your game.

Have a trail/free version (Optional).

Now you can have it so people use PayPal to pay for what not, then you can email them (Say within three buisness days) and email them a link to download the file, and download ONLY once...

Advertising: Myspace, Facebook, Indie-Game forums blogs and websites, etc.

how do i make it so you have to install the game i make, or something like that?

good point, dont think i can help. not very good you see, well my friend say's so, his name is oliver to, how weird.