social network & share function

Are there any codes or scripts to get this menu in an iOS game?
I want these functions to share screen captures of the game.

Many thanks in advance

There is no direct method in unity to do that. As, its native feature and Unity being cross-platform engine.

If you want to do that you need to use

  • Share sheet on iOS.
  • Intent Chooser with required types.

For this reason we developed Cross Platform Native Plugins for both iOS and Android with a unified API.
It has sharing features along with other mostly used features (Notifications, Billing & many more).

Sharing feature is completely available for FREE in Lite version .

Sharing feature contains following functionalities

  • Share Screenshot, Image, text, url via SMS
  • Share Screenshot, Image, text, url via E-Mail
  • Share Screenshot, Image, text, url via Whats-app
  • Share Screenshot, Image, text, url on Social Network (Facebook, Twitter)

Adding to it we added separate Twitter SDK feature in full version for Twitter login functionalities.

Did you try the asset store?


I made this tutorial where you can share screenshoots of the game in all Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Gmail and so on) in less than 20 lines of code just with one single button:

[9-2021] Don’t tested myself, but this seems pretty much what you wanted for free Native Share for Android & iOS | Integration | Unity Asset Store