Social.ShowAchievementsUI() not showing achievements

UPDATE: I built to my iPad with the same xCode project and it works properly, if it helps.

Hi All,

I’m trying to implement Game Center in my app, and am having an issue with Social.ShowAchievementsUI(). I’ve ensured that my app’s iTunesConnect Game Center settings are properly set up, at least enough that I can write to Leaderboards, and actually see the score in Game Center. I currently have 2 leaderboards and 1 achievement set up on iTunesConnect, and can verify that when I open my Game Center app on my iPhone.

In the game, I have 2 buttons set up - one to call Social.ShowLeaderboardUI(), and the other to call Social.ShowAchievementsUI().

Social.ShowAchievementsUI() opens the general dialog and shows leaderboards instead of achievements:

Social.ShowLeaderboardUI() opens a dialog with the title of my default leaderboard’s name, but can’t seem to grab data properly:

Has anyone successfully used the native Unity social implementations, or have people mostly been turning to third party plugins?

Would immensely appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thanks!

Have you tried to reboot your device?
I had similar problems and they vanished after rebooting iPad