Socket: Connect Failed, error 0x2736

I get the following error whenever I attempt to run a program in Unity:

Socket: connect failed, error: Operation has failed with error 0x2736: 
An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket.

Followed by a “Connect Failed” error.

This is pausing my tests after a single Update() call each time I hit play or un-pause.

Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

I still have no idea what caused this issue. However, I found a workaround. If I use a wireless internet connection instead of Ethernet, then everything works correctly.

There’s no good permanent solution for this other than Unity patching the issue. The problem is that Unity opens too many TCP connections to try to connect to your mobile device (doesn’t matter if the device is on or whether or not Unity Remote is running). After it opens too many connections, there aren’t enough for your browser. To see this, when the problem occurs, open up Resource Monitor (a Windows component) and browse to the Network > TCP Connections. Close Unity and within a few seconds your browser will work.

Basically, if you need to use Unity remote or a mobile device, deal with the hassle of restarting Unity. If you do not need to use the device, UNPLUG IT!