Socket disconnect during App.Loadlevel()

I'm currently working on an application that requires a permanent socketconnection with a server. Once the connection is established and all init-data is received, I want to switch to another scene, while keeping my socketconnection alive.

The setup I have created is as follows: I have a mainobject (DontDestroyOnLoad) that manages the permanent applicationstate. (inherits from Monobehaviour) This object contains a ClientConnection-instance which is part of a socketlibrary, but which does not inherit from Monobehaviour (but from System.object).

When I load the second scene using Application.LoadLevel(), The application somehow automatically disconnects. This problem does not occur when using Application.LoadLevelAdditive().

I'm currently working within Unity 3.0 Pro (30 day trial)

my guess would be that your object that holds the connection code is being destroyed. before using Applicaiton.LoadLevel(), put a line of DontDestroyOnLoad(conObj) being conObj the name of your object that makes the conneciton.